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About the SYSTEM, how it works, about the SYSTEM GLITCHES, about the transformation of the SYSTEM, a lot has already been told, shown, written  on the Internet and beyond. 

Take, for example: the films "Matrix", "V For Vendetta", "Revolver", "Network" (1976), "Divergent", "Crossroads" (2013), "Concept of Public safety", protest actions such as "Occupy Wall Street", messages from "Mr. Freeman", a series of film "Zeitgeist", books "The Power of Now" and "New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle, "Integral education" from the "international Academy of Kabbalah",  a cartoon "In shadow - a modern Odyssey", "Culture in decline" by Peter Joseph and Co., "Thrive" by Foster Gamble and Co., various video clips, articles, songs on the theme "system.."and so on. (see 13.1 and 14.1 of the "Users Agreement").

Year after year, many of us became part of "crowd-elitist" SYSTEM and did not even oconscious it. At the same time, much is revealed in the light of the ongoing transformations.

Someone calls the World Social SYSTEM that has developed by 2020-th year - "crowd-elitist", someone "demonocratic", someone "gray", someone else somehow.

Here are some ways to visually represent how someone saw the SYSTEM
when creating pictures :


The social SYSTEM is a kind OF system of the life of many of us, which is formed under influence some "generally accepted" LIFESTYLE that includes...The lifestyle forms a certain MATRIX according to which the artificial environment of our existence (before called "culture") is creatyng. We adapt to a certain environment, according to which attuned our relationships, rules, our behavior, our perception, our interaction, and art... Through the formation, maintenance, development and dissemination of a particular social environment, a particular Matrix is maintained and applied, according to which a particular SOCIAL SYSTEM and SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT is maintained and manifested.

As of the conditional 2020 year - flight of the Earth around the axis of the spiral flight of the Sun, the current crowd-elitist SOCIAL SYSTEM shows serious contradictions and glitches that contribute to the aggravation of the so-called Global System Crisis.

In particular, glitches occur in the state system
(in various countries).

Glitches contribute to a shutdown or suspension of the normal operation of a particular state system. We can see it all on the example of what occur dailynightly in Russia, in the Ukraine,  in USA, Syria, Israel, Germany, China, France, Afganistan, Greece, Kazakhstan, Iraq, Armenia, Libya, Georgia, Brazil, Belarus... Yes, almost everywhere and everywhere on Earth, in the places where glitchpersons live.

Read more about all this, for example, in the book "СultURа and we", in the research  "How does the state get out of the crisis?", in the game "System Glitches", 
and in the blog "Systemic Glitches".


It is good that in connection with the implementation of various transformative PROCESSES, the transformation of the SOCIAL SYSTEM has been implement for many years, through each of us. Along the way various projects are implemented, and as the rules of our interaction change, etc. As a result, a unity selfregulating, THRIVING SYSTEM called the "SOCIAL ORGANISM" (a creative civil society consisting of many indigenous peoples and nations in which harmonious  humans and citizens oconsciously manifest real democracy, justice, and people's ladministration) is evolutyng.

Along the way, the management system is transformed, art and the social environment are transformed, all other subsystems that make up the SYSTEM as a whole are transformed: economic, security, health, financial, technological, labor, legal, energy, food and others, as well as the state system as a whole.

The transformation of the management system, the transformation of art, the transformation of the social environment, the transformation of the SYSTEM as a whole is implemented through each of us, here and now!

Here and now the process of "Stop System" implemented and a living, updates Matrix of the New World is formed. As a result, a "New Social System".

As the PROCESS progresses, glitches occur in the "heads" of some people, which are (among other) a kind of signals - "STOP!". Signals "STOP!"  occur when contradictions arise. This is normal. Contradictions can arise when certain events, life situations occur, in connection with see strong awakening films, when listening to certain audio recordings, when reading peculiar books, when trying out certain practices, and when studying all kinds of materials that resonate with the trasformation theme.

Step by step, we resonate with subjectively + objective transformational processes and learn to act (and act) somehow differently, including going beyond what the "crowd-elitist" glitched system dictates. By going beyond, we can also (among other) detect errors, fakes, and dangerous codes (most likely (as of 2020) located in the convictions systems formed in  "heads" some of us), and are able to form new convictions that are consistent with Life.

All this contributes to the transformation of the worldview of many of us, changing paradigms, transforming the Matrix of the World and making the transition. And to act unhesitatingly outside some invented SYSTEMS and   existing convictions, we have to be reunited. With whom, with what? With about what reported, for example, in some religious organizations, with about what  written in some books called the Holy. 

In the current time of crisis (here and now), reunion and BEING is something that each of us goes to, "in different ways" (including not oconscious and wandering).



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"STOP SYSTEM" - the transformation of the social
system is implement through each of us!


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