The System Glitches Game

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THE SYSTEM GLITCHES is a fascinating matrix world in which each player finds the  thing to do itself.  Here you can glitch, dream, booze, fight, create, wander, dance, ache, fear, explore, resent, travel, protest, improvise, fall in love, find yourself at a crossroads, achieve a goal,  send someone or something to X, love, strengthen faith, forgive, do anything, and to receive requital! Get to know yourself, reconnect with what some call "GOD", curb the ego-mind, transform, wake up, stop the glitches, come out of the crisis!  Shine, rewrite the code of the Matrix, and manifest a Thrive New World, a New Earth!

Aware of the GAME! By aware of it,  you stop the glitches and cope! And if you stop the glitches and cope, so we too! 



Place and time of action - Multiuniverse: the Milky Way Galaxy, Solar System,
Planet Earth.... here and now.


In many places on the planet it is accepted that it is now going a 2(1) century and ____ year (the spiral course, the flight of the Earth around the axis of the spiral motion of the Sun, in following the Sun). A single chronology has been established from the nativity of the one named Jesus (etc.). That said, some players may keep track of time, who from what.


There are those of us who aware they are in the game and play, and there are those of us who are involved in the game and play without aware it. In addition, there are also those of us who play other games that, in one way or another, are interconnected with the game "The System Glitches".


One of the periods in which we come into game (e.g., from 2017 to...) is called the Time of Judgment  (TIME OF CRISIS - a tense, critical moment arising under the influence of subjective+objective transformative processes, in connection with the so-called Transition and the comming of the New Era, which some call the Era of Aquarius).

How long the Time of Judgment lasts, as well as other periods, what happens in this or that period, how realize the exit  from the crisis and the Transition, takes place depends, among other things, on how we play.

Conditionally, the Judgment Time (the Crisis Time) period lasts from 2017 to 2040. At the same time, its duration can be stretched, or it can be compressed (according to the situation).


Until a certain time, groves and escalates the Global Systemic Crisis, hence the crisis of the state (in various countries). 

How long the Global Systemic Crisis (and thus the crisis of the state in various countries) groves and escalates and how it all manifests itself, depends, among other things, on how we play now in this game.


The Global Systemic Crisis is growing and aggravating, for example, because there are serious System Glitches in the Social System (called by some a crowd-elitist system, gray, demon-cratic or something else), in which many human-like inhabitants of the planet living in these or those states and regions have been included.


Many of us only seems something, including the fact that they (we), for example, are just some personages (characters). Some of us are glitched, and some of us are glitched very and fundamentally! As a result, some of us sees this or that "reality"...

Those who are glitched, that is, those of us who are experiencing a Failures in own belief systems (and in own worldview matrices in general), and in the normal functioning of own minds, are called "glitchy" or  "systglitches".


When some glitchy, under the influence of their unrestrained ego-minds, trying to divide and conquer (where division is in conflict with Life), periodically is possible, including the widespread spread of semi-chaos with transitions into chaos.


The good news is that the CRISIS is also a time of opportunity. Those Players who see (and/or accept emerging opportunities) use them as they can. In particular, they look for (find), create ways, methods, techniques with which we attune to subjective+objective transformative processes (and hence to Life), reunite, transform, freeing ourselves from mental glitches, and cope with all kinds of challenges of this century. Simultaneously we manifesting a Thrive New World, a New Earth.


For the time being, there are language barriers. It is known that through many languages their speakers (users) have been programmed for centuries into a kind of dual perception.


There is a transition to a different perception of time, in connection with which comes


There are harmonious transformations coordinated with Life. At the same time, through the personages (i.e., all kinds of characters in the game) the players experience, including what Love is.


As the Transition progresses and transformations are implemented, serious GLITCHES in the crowd-elitist Social System (represented by a peculiar caste system) may arise again and again, and the Global Systemic Crisis may become even more escalate. All this is connected, among other things, with all sorts of revelations and failures+transformations taking place in the job-labor system.... The scheme in which the "chosen owners" own and herd the "subordinate enjobits"  is crumbling and rejected.
All this has been happening for many years, including in the USA. For example > 


Crisis is also a transitional stage in the transformation of the Social SYSTEM, from a caterpillar to a butterfly (figuratively speaking). During the crisis period, the SYSTEM stops its usual functioning and transform. One of the names of this transformation process is "Stop System".


Anything can happen in any period of time! For example, the strongest geomagnetic storm caused by a fierce solar flare may strike the Earth. Warning. During a geomagnetic storm many different devices may malfunction, the Internet may be shut down (and other technical communication systems maby be crush everywhere). Also, a geomagnetic storm can affect the state of the planet in general, and on glitchy behavior in particular.

Do we need to be afraid of all this? 

Those who are engulfed by fear are afraid. Others strengthen their faith, know and take into account that anything can happen, are calm, try to maintain a tech+bio balance, etc. And some of us, something else.


And if something happens, for example, on Earth, then we seek (find), offer ways out of the emerging crisis situations, and together cope with all kinds of challenges of this century.


In general, Planet Earth is a Innovative Research Platform
(which may have other names).


How so? The point is that a long time ago, one of the Solar Systems of the galaxy Milky Way we are considering, got involved in a series of cosmic (star) wars, which led to colossal devastation. It seemed that the opposing sides (represented by different civilizations, species, races) would not stop until they had completely annihilated the enemies (each other).


But one day, having been exhausted by war, and beginning to aware that there was a catch in exterminating opponents (for example, out of hatred, out of dislike for them), representatives of different civilizations, species, races... made peace, and agreed to experiment together to figure out what, how,  and why.

Can we live in harmony with each other (including forming  the unity society together)? 
Who are we? How did we come to be? Why? 

What is the COMMON for all of us? What are the RULES 
in the Multiuniverse that are the same for all of us?


Some planets were needed for research. And, as a result, one of the research 
planets turned out to be the one that later became known as "Earth".


All sorts of alien researchers can be on Earth as well as on bases located on the 
Moon, and/or on ships placed in orbit near the Sun (and in other secluded places). 


Various experiments, including those related to the formation of peoples, have been conducted for many millennia. Researchers find some solutions, figure something out, aware something, test it, and, at the same time, apply something that can be applied, both on Earth and on other planets and other places.


It happened that later on, some militant spies (under the influence of their ego-minds), secretly violated the terms of the peace contract. And as a result, diversions was committed on Earth in order to take over the planet, deplete resources, and exploit the earthlings... 

Year after year, viruses, substitutions and errors were introduced into the environments (worlds) of various tribes and indigenous peoples. Including the program called "CultUra" (CultUre) forming the "owner-slave (jobit)" social environment (modelled on what was in a certain period in the city-state Ur, in the Mesopotamia).

And, until all of this is revealed, and the social environments, worlds (which have come to be called "cultures") are cleansed of the worthless and transformed, there is a possibility of all kinds of wars and other (directly on the planets under research, including on Earth).


The planet inhabited by the glitchy, which has been exploited for centuries, may also glitch (only in a different way), because due to what some glitchy have done (are doing) with and on it, it may perceive millions (and even billions) of its humanoid inhabitants as some pests (or something else), and try to get rid of them (of us) somehow. So on top of everything else (along with the way viruses, substitutions and errors make themselves known), and an increasing number of, for example, Earthlings are glitching, for the different time being natural disasters can occur, may be all sorts of emergency manifest themselves, may be epidemics (and/or pandemics) arise and spread... 

Epidemics (and/or pandemics) can be created, among other things, artificially, e.g., by some people set up for such actions by the planet (and/or someone, something else) to create deadly viruses (including by massively convincing someone that an epidemic or pandemic exists). As a result, Earthlings (and all sorts of alien researchers) have to survive somehow. Some offer miracle vaccines, some try to save themselves through vaccination, some try to control and/or regulate (someone and/or something) through vaccination, some play pandemic games, some fight vaccinators, some refuse to vaccinate, some expose vaccinators, and some, something else.


What is happening is saying "STOP!" to the humanoid inhabitants of the planet (likened to parasites, viruses or whatever), and it is allowing us to rethink our behavior, our relationship to the planet, our relationship with each other, our relationship with the World. And also to reexamine our values and to become aware of what it is to be aware.

All kinds of misfortune have an awakening effect on millions of us, which also contributes to the suspension of the crowd-elitist system, and the realization of fundamental transformation (the manifestation of a Thriving New World, a New Earth).

At the same time, some of the glitchy, for the time being, may see in all this some conspiracy, and, for example, blame all the troubles on the backstage, the world government, Satan, etc. Some of glitchy more in-depth and holistic in their attempts to see what is going on, etс. 


All this has to be taken into account and all this affects how the World Matrix and the Social System is formed and transformed. And what happens, how the World Matrix and Social SYSTEM is formed and transformed, how the New World, the New Earth manifests itself, depends, among other, on how we play. 

Playing, waking up, some players may also begin to perceive themselves as included in some sort of Matrix, may resemble various characters (personages) from the movie "The Matrix," may seek to exit the Matrix in various ways, intend to awaken those who are asleep, etc. And, believing themselves to be go out, or already out  from the MATRIX, some players may also  be infected with a virus called "Chosenness", go back into hibernation, continue to glitch, and declare, for example: "we are not working in your corruption system"; "get the disruption, fuck the order...", "officials to the gallows", etc.

At any time, the Glitchy players can make the soporifig choice
offered by the keepers of the crowd-elitist Matrix..


Those who are mentally glitched in the light of what is going on, are separating themselves from the spiritually+unified the whole, manifested as all kinds of "we" "I" "they," "you". There are also many examples of how some glitchy: tattooed their bodies; booze; smoking; grabbed a gun; proclaimed themselves messiahs; tried to hide and/or escape in communities, villages or virtual computer worlds; tried to make contact with representatives of the Multiuniverse and get answers to some questions from them (and often got even more confused and glitchy); they sought answers during so-called conscious dreams; wanted to subjugate everyone and everything; called for destruction; prepared for a terrible apocalypse (flood or something else); showed suicidal tendencies; fixated on food, on this or that type of food; made  foresights based on fears and the current situation, etc.


Playing, we explore the game world, and, sooner or later, some of us find ourselves on the brink and/or at a crossroads, whereby we aware about the need for change, choose suitable direction for further movement, and consciously engage themselves  in subjective+objective transformative processes coordinated with Life. 

Through it all, we get changed, reconnect, support the Life, do suitable research, begin to perceive everything differently, and contribute to the manifestation of a integral New World, a New Earth.


In the meantime, all sorts of experiments are being conducted on Earth. One of the most famous and old, which many are known of, is the experiment "666888". (Due to the previously mentioned diversions and capture of Earth at a certain stage, this experiment had to be corrected to the situation).

As experiment "666888" is conducted, cases of "chosenness", "exclusiveness", "unrestrained ego-minds" are studied in detail, and the influence of all this on how Society (from different civilizations, races, species...) is formed and evolve. And also, selection is made, etc...


When  conduction modern research, for example, in the year 2020, taking into account the data obtained over the centuries, it became even more obvious that the CULTURE forming on Earth (represented by the diversity of cultures and being a kind of program by means of which earthlings have been programmed (cultivated) into a certain "owner-slave" way for centuries, and through which the so-called SOCIAL SYSTEM was formed) was in decline, for it is infected with viruses, full of errors and substitutions. Errors, substitutions and malicious codes are capable of influencing (affecting) the cultivated peoples, hence affecting the humans and the Social System as a whole in a certain way. More detail about this, for example, here:

As of the 2020th conditional year, there were billions of cultured URe worshippers on planet Earth, often unaware of this. Many, however, seeing the decline, sought to revive the culture, wanted to promote the rise of the cult of Ur, etc. And, as a result, it turned out that a thorough transformation was needed, and it is happening.


Art is being transformed, culture is being transformed, many of us are being transformed. And as we are transformed, art is transformed, culture is transformed, the matrix of the human world is transformed, and the social SYSTEM is transformed!


And since, in light of the ongoing transformations, some glitchy by their actions undermined the credibility  in governments, heads of state (in various countries), security services, technocrats, bankocrats, some religious and other figures, all this, for the time being, influences the growing and aggravation of the Global Systemic Crisis, as well as the crisis of the state in various countries.


As the transformation process, the crowd-elitist Social System experiences GLITCHES time and again. The OS glitched, needs transformation, and transforms. This includes that we aware  the GAME, sendings on "X" who and what by the way to send, and, when we are ready, changing  to a different perception, from "I" to "WE".

The Cult of Ur has done its work, has contributed to the glitching and transformation of many of us, the transformation of art, the transformation of the social environment, the transformation of the Matrix, the transformation of the Social System. The glitchy, stupid and cruel (from one's perspective) World (on a planetary scale), built on and out of sand, is crumbling, falling apart...


As the Transition, and the frequency of transformative vibrations increases, the glitchy ones are getting more and more. The glitched cultured people conscious that  they many years were arriving in a dream while under the influence of cultural narcosis, and wake up.

It's time to make the Transition!


Under the influence of subjective+objective transformative processes, there are contradictions in the belief systems of the cultured people (and in worldviews in general) that cause malfunctions (failures) in the habitual functioning of the mind. The cultured people  become mentally disturbed, with all the ensuing consequences. For example,  can happen this >


Both humans and other characters (personages)  in the Multiuniverse can become glitchy. Anyone can become glitchy, no matter where they are. At the same time, in some situations, in some environments, for some or other glitchy, according to the frequency setting, one or another predominant state of psichic is characteristic (for example: demonic; zombie-biobot; animal; human or something else). 


Glitches are caused with contradictions. The emergence of contradictions is a crisis moment. The manifestation of contradictions leads to glitches. A glitch is a kind of signal - "STOP!" through which we can pay attention to the fact that something is wrong, and, for example, ask yourself: 



Each new glitch can contribute to the emergence of many questions. Against the background of what is happening, the glitchy, including those who know almost nothing about the centuries-long experiments conducted on Earth, conscious the need for some changes, and the need to identify, affirm and support something on which they can confidently lean. And in order to lean on something, to be oriented (rescued), and to be able to move confidently along the path of life, the glitchy have to experience something, to know exactly something. And when the glitchy ones try to find out what it is appropriate to find out, new glitches appear. Where? In the glitchy heads.At the same time, someone may be very eager to tell someone about their visions.


There are all kinds of glitchy. Including those who while seen white and fluffy to some, but who can continue to support the usual functionality of a peculiar caste-based crowd-elitist (owner-slave) social system (including by modifying and modernizing it).


The consequences of glitches, in one way or another, affect the SOCIAL SYSTEM as a whole, as well as states, the state system, various regions, territorial entities, localities, etc., and those who live in them. The consequences of glitches may appear (among other things) in the form of all kinds of protests, appeals, rallies, uprisings, riots, struggles, wars, as well as in the search for solutions, in the emergence and use of alternatives. As a result, we find ourselves at a crossroads again and again, as our worldviews change. For more on crossroads and changing worldviews, see, for example >

Along the way, data on system glitches is being collected.
For examples, see the blog "System Glitches"


One way or another, it all contributes to the awakening, the reunion, the transformation, the stopping of  the glitches and the manifestation of the Thrive New World (New Earth).


And, all this concerns the inhabitants of various states, regions, including Russia, where from the beginning of the 21st century the eyes of billions of enjobid have been hopefully directed. 


Glitchiness itself is not a defect. Nevertheless, to be glitchy is to STOP the SYSTEM. Glitchiness is normal, of course, it helps to identify substitutions, fix bugs, clean up from worthless malicious codes, reunite us, transform, unglitch players, and transform the glitchy crowd-elitist Social SYSTEM (from a caterpillar to a butterfly, figuratively speaking).

More specifically → Into a THRIVE SELF-REGULATING SYSTEM called "SOCIAL ORGANISM" (Creative, Many indigenous people, Unity Civil Society, in which awacen people and citizens consciously manifest real democracy and comply people's rights).


As of 2017, researches have shown that even with all the discoveries, scientific advances, and other, many have been disunited from what some call the word "Christ" and have essentially been disconnected from what some call the word "GOD", spitting on certain RULES, opposing, God-fighting.


Those of us who are disunited often resemble the so-called Satan (the antagonist, the God-fighter) - the energy-informational creature who in the past centuries wrapped his tentacles around the Earth, where for centuries the enjobement (enslavement) of "earthlings" was carried out and the formation of the so-called Antichristian (Satanic in fact) world order took place. 


The disunited have been fueling the formation of the Antichrist world order for centuries, and have been building a peculiar New World Order on and out of the sand. And it only takes one powerful flash (wave), for example, for it all to collapse.


Many generations have been at the power of Satan, whose tentacles are capable of stretching throughout the Multiuniverse, thanks to the glitchy themselves with unbridled ego-minds. And, for example, as of 2017-2021, In connection with what's going on, more and more glitchy conscious that they are trapping themselves daily, because they have been relying on Jesus' deed, and therefore in the old times relaxed and went into hibernation. 


Because of this, on many players may have thoughts about how to get rid of demons and other creatures. Demon-like creatures are, among others, many of those who, being infected with viruses of "chosenness" and/or "exclusiveness" (a kind of social crown-viruses) consider themselves to be somehow "chosen" and/or "exclusiven" and are at the mercy of Satan along with it.


For all the positive changes, what happens in Transition may be perceived by some glitchy as the End of the World, etc. Because of this, some of glitchy may be in a defeatist mood, some may feel hopeless, and seeming hopelessness and all sorts of gloomy emotions may (and do) influence the behavior, and the results of the glitchy (defeatist in this case) creativity.  And, all of this, in one way or another, affects the frequency setting, and inspires, who, what. For example, to make films like this:


In the light of what is happening, many can clearly see and feel that the so-called Antichrist World Order, in the formation of which in previous years all sorts of politicians, secret services, bankers, financiers, media workers and other citizens (according to the occupation and place of job called somehow) have been involved in one way or another - THIS IS THE  sheep pen. And, in connection with this, among other things, some  glitchy calls for a  destroying, set fire to and other...

The herding of someone is done as long as someone of us is chewing snot, and acting like sheep, 
zombie biorobots or something..


In the meantime, as some "chosenness" (such as those who separate themselves from us) try to drive someone into a stall, keep them in a stall, more and more citizens are beginning to glitch.

Glitchiness can be related to the so-called "awakening". Among the so-called "awakened" there are many talented citizens. And, again, for many such citizens (at a certain stage) what is happening in and with USA,  Russia and other, for example, may seem gray, gloomy and hopeless. But it's not as awfully as some of us sees.

Thus, for example, some may see Russia as "a dream world created by the secret services" and employees of various state and municipal agencies as "a gang of crooks and criminals. And, according to such a vision and attitude, it may seem to someone that everything is so, and there may be all sorts of confirmation of "their rightness" everywhere. 

And along with confirmations, revolutionary impulses, the vision of "Russia in reverse" IF WHAT TO DO - DICTATED BY "THE PEOPLE," and all sorts of delusions may also appear. The same is true of other states.

And, in connection with this, we can also hear calls to organize a Destroy, to change the government, etc. In the previous years riots has already been arranged  in many states. And, preparations for destroying have been made in many differently years, including in Russia, in the United States, in France... many places on the planet, for example, with the help of certain songs and movies (more in the blog "System Glitches")

In light of what is going on, it may even seem to some that  God's a lie , etc.


Also, for example, as of the 2021 conditional year, a lot more has been (and is being) done to set up riots in all sorts of states and regions besides singing some songs and showing movies! 

But when someone stupidly arranges (or tries to arrange) a riots, "to change the power", not seeing any other ways out, not really understanding how and what to do with it all (after all, to manifest power, and to build, and maintain something anyway have to), then in such cases riots can be used by someone, As a pretext for even more assertive establishment of the so-called AntiChrist New World Order (for improve the methods of corralling and holding, to slaughter, to tie up the restless, dissolved and rambunctious crowds, and many law-abiding citizens in general).


If the treated, embittered, indignant citizens do not have a clear, holistic vision of what is happening and why, if many in this or that crowd suffer from kaleidoscopic cretinism and are tuned to low frequencies, then the riots and change of power by such formal citizens = amplification the re-pen, only now into a more technological, improved stall, and/or the slaughter of themselves and those around them...


In connection with all this, quarantine (and/or emergency) measures may be applied from time to time, for example, to contain rampant glitchy people, if it comes to that (as in the case of the "coronavirus"). But quarantine (and/or emergency) measures can also contribute to tensions growing.


Destruction of the material component of Satan's Kingdom (the Kingdom of the Antichrist - Antichrist's New World Order, in which can actively use the power of Artificial Intelligence, chipping, numbering, zombification, biometering, barcoding (QR-coding) of personages, as well as formation of monetary-electronic or other substitute it dependence, related to the use of the law of buy-sell) does not exempt from enjobement. And this means that the consequences of possible destruction of the material component, at a certain stage (for example, due to a geomagnetic storm) can be catastrophic.


The good news is that in studying what is happening on Earth, for example, all sorts of researchers are increasingly discovering that they have turned away from what some call "God," are aware the need for reunity and are reunity. Some have to wander quite a bit in doing so.... 

And "God" can be called  by anyone, anything.

Some of us have even come to the New World with the goal of creating our own artificial god  - the most powerful Artificial Intelligence, with which you can connect, for example, using special devices, technologies, and receive from this certain benefits, advantages. 


As players go through the trials of all kinds, their faith is tested and strengthened. Cultures are cleansed of all kinds of errors, substitutions, and malicious code. Different cultures are transformed and called something else. In Russia, for example, the main culture (i.e. the social environment) is called LADAMIRA.

We are manifesting a prosperous New World!


Along the way, Satan is brought down as the players are reunited. Reunion with what some call "God" is through connection with what some of us call ChristOS (or something else), through aware I AM, curbing the ego-mind, adhering to certain Rules and BEING. Reunion promotes free from occupation,  transformation of, for example, people, the World, and, in particular, the Earth.


Becoming unity we acquire the so-called CHRISTOS Consciousness (Christ Consciousness, Krishna Consciousness, Power, being filled with the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit...), we see clearly where to go, and we feel how to act. We harmoniously, well to keep in touch with  relationships each other, learn and apply suitable abilities, skills. We shine and form a Social System, according to the Rules coordinated with Life. As a result, in time and by the way, everything that is necessary for implementation of well-built, thorough transformations appears. Prosperity and Thrive manifests. Tech+bio balance is maintained, techniques and technologies are used reasonably and according to conscience.


The purpose of the game. The "System Glitches"  Game is multi-purpose. The main goal is to become aware of the Game (and your inclusion in it) and to reunite with what some call "God. Reuniting contributes to the transformation and  freeing players from glitches, as well as the overthrow of Satan (and hence the Antichrist), the establishment of God's Reign, the activation of Social Immunity (when it is really necessary), the transformation of the World Matrix, the transformation of the crowd-elitist Social System, the dissolution of crisis, the manifestation of a well-built Thrive New World, the New Earth, here and now.


Crisis (Judgment) time is also a New Time (the time of formation  New World, including on the planet Earth). And the way this New World manifests itself, the New Earth becomes, depends largely on how each player plays, here and now, what he aware, how he orientates  etc. In doing so there is a paradigms change. The paradigm of the struggle of "Light" with "Darkness" has been replacing by another.

The "old games" are slowly coming to an end.

And the game "System Glitches" is interconnected with the game New World, New Earth.


Victory. Individual victory in the Game "System Glitches" consists in the Awareness of the Game and one's inclusion in it, as well as in the reuniting transformation and freeing the player from glitches. The overall victory  is the transformation of the Matrix of the human world, the transformation of the crowd-elitist Social System (and therefore Society), and in the manifestation of a well-built Thrive  New World (New Earth).


As we play, we reunited and transform. As we become aware something, freeings from glitches, reuniting and transforming, we prepare and implement various projects, play other games, etc. And what the New World, the New Earth is becoming becomes clear as we play, prepare and implement various projects, transformation programs, etc.

Details, for example,

In the meantime, over and over again there are System  Glitches....

Glitchy -  reuniting and transforming, we free from glitches, and win!


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