"Stop System".

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Step by step selfregulating, creative, THRIVING SYSTEM called the "SOCIAL ORGANISM" (a creative Civil Society consisting of many indigenous peoples and nations; in which harmonious humans and citizens oconsciously manifest real democracy, justice, and people's ladministration) is formed.

THE transformation of a glitched crowd-elitist social SYSTEM is implemented as it stop (suspends, that is, pupating, figuratively speaking). Pupation takes  step by step (including through the creation and implementation of various projects). The result is a completely different SOCIAL SYSTEM than the one that has been usually to many of us for centuries.

Figuratively, what is happening is shown in this video:


The occurrence of many SYSTEM GLITCHES, reboots, pupation and transformation of the SYSTEM as a whole, is contribute by the rapid oconsciousness of many inhabitants of the Earth of their involvements in a specific crowd-elitist SYSTEM, as well desire to get out of a kind of crowd-elitist Matrix.

The TRANSFORMATION of the SYSTEM occurs year after year, taking into considering previous experience, using accumulated and available resources, capabilities, tools, and methods....

As THE TRANSITION implement, between January 2012 and March 21, 2117:
  • We resonating with subjective + objective transformative processes;

  • We are oconscious of our involvement in the crowd-elitist SOCIAL SYSTEM, become more know with this SYSTEM, and get appropriate knowledge about its structure and transformation;

  • We are aware of the influence of culture on us and much more. Read more about this, for example, in the book "СultURa and we";

  • We be disappointed in someone and/or something;

  • We acquired, evolve, and apply appropriate TRANSFORMATIVE SKILLS;

  • We study and comprehend ourselves;

  • We are freed from worthless habits, and at the same time we evolve other appropriate transition habits, including ECO;

  • We practice volunteering;

  • We are retreating from the information noise;

  • We cleanse the information environment, and at the same time, with the help of various results, types and forms of art, cleanse and transform the social environment;

  • We identify cause-and-effect relationships;

  • We forgive mistakes and missteps (make out of ignorance) to those of us who are lost in Life;

  • We cross paths and acquaintance those of us who have analogous perception;

  • We make a selection of songs, music, paintings, poems, etc. that harmonically match to the transformations, taking in the World and with the World;

  • We stop acting automatically according to the crowd-elitist programs and rules laid down from childhood in the "heads" to many of us;

  • We free ourselves from useless fears (if any);

  • We learn do without credits and the formation of debt dependence;

  • We look at the World in a childish way, and can be honest, loving, creative....;

    As the TRANSITION progresses, PARADIGMS change...

  • We heals by freeing ourselves from egomania (in cases when needs it);

  • We are more attentive, to how and what to feed our bodies, and transform the nutrition system as a whole;

  • We  reunion, become harmonious, transform, gaining an illuminated integral mind (in cases when needs it);

  • We create and play transformational games. For example, the games  «System Glitches», «АТАС!»....;

  • We comprehend the Truth, define and affirm a UNITY BASIS. For example, as reported when clicking on a link;

  • We are here and now, combining this with timelessness;

  • We form and evolve a community us who are oconscious of the spiritual closeness and unity. We use the Internet to meet and communicate, for example, here >;

  • We give what we can give, selflessly, without demands and expectations of rewards, from the psychе (soul)  is invested in the implementation of the PROCESS; 

  • We see opportunities  and get the necessary resources for the  PROCESS implement;

  • We create, edit, correct, approve and implement "Transformation Programs....." that are  compatibles with each other. For example: "The program of transformation of the state system in Russia";

  • We are preparing for the transition to interaction without using money, without buying and selling;

  • We support and inspiration those of us who need it;

  • We support tech+bio balance. We learn and know how do without all kinds of electronic devices,  gadgets, and electronic services...;

  • We create, develop and implement various suitable projects. For example, some of us are creating and implementing a culture-transformative project "New World Crossroads";

  • We evolutions a Social Organism represented by a  Civil Society consisting of many indigenous peoples and nations , and support its effective functioning;

  • We support the effective functioning of Social Immunity;

  • We review the words used and their denotations, correct the names, form a single updated denotations base, use the words and  denotations that are most resonate to the PROCESS  (see, for example, the EXPLAINER);

  • We clean up in our "heads", get rid of useless crowd-elitist and other pattern;

  • We travel, study various social environments (called "cultures" or something else), identify errors, fakes, and dangerous codes in them, and  harmonize indigenous people relations  and international  relations;

  • We facilitate to the evolve of local self-government,  and the formation of the Union of keeps yourself, Self-governings Societys keeps yourselfs reliable   (Rodinootechestv) ;

  • We fix errors, get rid of useless fakes and dangerous codes;

  • We explore the rules of Kon, the rules the Universe, and follow to them;

  • We getting out of the Crisis and promote to its disappear;

  • We create and publish content that resonates with the PROCESS, with the emerging LadaWorld (New World), New Earth. We create, publish, and distribute: audio, video, graphics, text, and other relevant materials;

  • We do and study all kinds of research, explore into what is actually happening in certain States, regions, and on the planet as a whole. We publish researches reports;

  • We take note of data about SYSTEM GLITCHES;

  • We develop, study, apply suitable theories, test hypotheses;

  • We create and  do  suitable trainings, trainings, seminars, courses, and lectures..;

  • We organize and do events related to the implementation of the PROCESS. For example, the yearly "Meeting at the Crossroads" on March 20 + 21 in Russia, in the city of Orsk, Orenburg region. As necessary, we organize mass manifestation  with clear and understandable requirements and slogans, and participate in them;

  • We send on X (in Russian, "Хер"), those and that whom (that) by the way to send. At the same time, to send on X, means to inform all deluded unbelievers about the possibility of reuniting, harmonizing, transforming, and breaking  free from glitches. The send on X is a call to unity;

  • We perceive ourselves as already living in a constantly updated System, in the Lada World, on a New Earth;

  • We transform glitched crowd-elitist social SYSTEM, and manifests a New World, a New Earth, here and now, through ourselves;

  • We Improvising and all that....

The transformation of the system is implement out through each of us, here and now! Knowing that we are included in the social SYSTEM, we oconsciously use it, update it, support its effective functioning, and so on. At the same time, as necessary, we can retreating from social troubles, which, in one way or another, also helps to maintain the effective functioning of the "Social Organism".


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"STOP SYSTEM" - the transformation of the social


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