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for users of Internet resources:,,

(and also for those of us who explore the Materials (Files, Posts) in other ways)

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We welcome visitors to some of the Internet resources developed in connection with the "Stop System" PROCESS, as well as those of us who otherwise get access to the published "Stop System" files!

"Stop System" is one of the names of the process of transformation a glitched crowd-elitist social system. More information about the process can be found on the website (in the blog), which is located at

The official group of "Stop System" in social networks:

What the SYSTEM is, how it works, how and why there are glitches in this SYSTEM, how it stops, why it should be transform, and how it is done, is shown, for example, in the Game called "GLITCHED PERSONES" (SYSTEM GLITCHES).

Please read this Agreement (Document) carefully! Visitors who visit the resources listed above and continue to explore the Files, published (posted) elsewhere, after reading this "USERS AGREEMENT" to the end, thereby confirm acceptance of all the provisions of this Agreement. No additional confirmation actions are required.

We recommend that you periodically check the text of the
greement for changes and/or additions.

When using the pronoun " we " (hereinafter - We, Us, Our...) in this Document, we mean those who in co-creation puts together a kind of mosaic. In this connection, within the PROCESS, we create and implement various projects, research, etc. To see what is pictured on the mosaic as of 2020+2021, we need to explore the Materials (Files, Posts).

Realizing the "Stop System" PROCESS, through the creation and implementation of a culture-transforming project "New World Crossroads",  openly coordinates all this folding, co-creation, development, experimentation, research:

  • The one to whom the full name is given- Sidorenko Artem Viktorovich (Svetoslav) on June 19, 1986, (passport of the Russian Federation 5305 356273, issued on July 24, 2006 Department of Internal Affairs of Leninsky district of Orsk, Orenburg region)

With requests, questions, comments, recommendations, complaints, etc. regarding the implementations of the "Stop System" process and the realization of the "New World Crossroads"  project, can be sent to the E-mail address: and/or and/or E-MAIL. There is no guarantee that emails will reach the specified E-mail addresses and will not be intercepted (and/or blocked by third persons, robots, or anyone else). Third persons, robots, and anyone else are personally responsible for blocking and intercepting emails sent to the specified addresses.

If necessary, you can also call: +7 988 345 09 98 (If there is a signal, but there is no response, or if the phone is off (located outside the network coverage area), then, as far as possible, and when the corresponding notification is received, the callers will be called back. Attention! Notification of a missed call is not always comes, and conversations and correspondence can be intercepted and tracked by third persons, robots, or someone (something) else. Third persons, robots, and anyone else are personally responsible for blocking, intercepting, and tracking calls (maessages) to the specified phone number.

By accepting this User Agreement (the - Agreement) Internet users who are visitors to Internet resources created in connection with the realization of the "Stop System" process, or those of us who are otherwise sees and explores the Materials (Contents, Files, Posts), agree that:

1. Materials, Files, Posts (content that includes: texts, music, images, videos, programs, etc.), as well as sites (blogs), pages on which all this is published (posted), are provided by Us in such form as is, without the requirement of monetary reward.

Some Materials, Files,  Post are posted here:,,

(According to the settings of the service "Blogger" (blogspot), which We use, in addition to". ru", other variations of domains are possible, for example - .com, .uk, .be, .de, etc.).

1.1 The above Sites, blogs, pages (hereinafter called - Internet resources) and/or their functionality, as well as the Materials, Files, Posts published on (in) them, may or may not be suitable for specific purposes of use by someone;

2. If any of us (Visitors and / or Participants, Users) have read this Agreement in its complete, and then purposefully viewed (explores) the Materials (Files, Posts) again, then they (we) have thus affirmed their full acceptance to what is set out in this Agreement. 

2.1 If Visitors (Users and/or Participants) continue to read the Materials marked 18+, they (we) confirm that they (we) are 18 years old at the time of reading the Materials, and that they (we) fully accepts all that is set out in this Document;

3. The Internet resources specified in p.1, in the name of which the word "blogspot" is present, and their functioning, are provided by Google, as well as other organizations (those of us who works in them). We thank the above-mentioned companies, and therefore those of us who work in them. And thanks  to All!;

4. Cookies. By visiting the Internet resources specified in p. 1, Internet Users affirm their agree to the use or possible use of cookies from Google and Blogger services, as well as cookies from other services that We use;

5. Changes, additions, updates. As the process progresses, changes and additions may be made to the materials (contents) published on the Internet resources specified in p.1. Making changes and additions, We update the Content.

5.1 If necessary, and if possible, We may change the design of the Internet resources specified in p. 1, their content, functionality, change or supplement the scripts, software and other objects used or stored on the above-mentioned Sites (blogs, pages) (to the Our capabilities), at any time, with or without prior notice;

6. Visitors (Users and / or Participants) living in a particular  sovereignsocietys,   countrys,  states  or somewhere else, explores (studying) the Materials at their discretion. The decision on using is made by Visitors  based on some their goals, motives, feelings, intentions, interests... The perception of this or that Information when exploryng the Materials (Files, Posts), as well as Participations in games and other events (which we do in connection with the PROCESS) – occurs with the free choice of each Visitor (player, participant, viewer, user...).

6.1 We do not guarantee that the Content  and/or events organized by us will fully meet any goals, expectations, requirements of Visitors (Users), as well as that the Information perceived in connection the above-mentioned exploring (studying), and/or in participation in games and other Events, will fully meet the expectations of Visitors (Users and / or Participants);

7. Tracking the activity of Visitors (Users and/or Participants) and data collecting. We do not guarantee that implement of the Process, no one will intentionally recording the activity of Visitors (Users and / or Participants). Fixing  (tracking) can be make with the using of special technical and software tools. We also do not guarantee that the making, storage of databases with names, contacts, etc. concerning Visitors (Users and/or Participants), no one is implicated. The  Trackers and Fixing (if any) are personally responsible;

8. Blind following and unconditional acceptance. We offer Visitors (Users, Participants), including Participants of Games (and various Events), to abstain from blindly following and unconditionally accepting everything that is written somewhere, said, shown, sung, etc., including in Materials (Files, Posts) published in connection with the implementation of the Process;

9. Copying Materials (Contents). It is allowed to copy Materials (Files, Posts)  published in connection with the implementation of the PROCESS, and the create and  and implementation of the "New World Crossroads" Project. It is allowed to post Materials (Files, Posts) on third-Internet resources, if the is fully similar to the sample, and if timely updates are made.

9.1 It is allowed to print text and graphic Materials (Files) using a printer, copier, etc. We strongly ask to make copies of published text and graphic Materials (in full or in part) on paper, because in connection with what is happening in the world, in certain states (regions, countries, localities) may be shut down power supply, can happen Internet  blocking etc.

9.2 Free copying of the Content (which is publicly available only for personal non-commercial use) is allowed that the originality is fully preserved, all: co-authorship marks (copyrights) or other notices of co-authorship; contact information; names of co-authors, and names of the Process and Projects,  as a specified in the text of this Agreement.

9.3 It is allowed to processing the Materials (Files), makes changes, additions, clarifications, comments, with links to the original;

10. The probability of changes and/or additions to the Materials (Files, Contents) by third persons or by someone (something) else. We do not guarantee that certain "third persons" (or someone else) did not have a hand in the Materials (Files, Posts) on their own intentions, goals, attitudes, motives, and/or tasks set by someone. We recommend that stay vigilant and check everything carefully. If find any obvious incongruity of third-materials (created on the basis of Materials (Files, Posts) related to the "New World Crossroads"  Project and the Process) with the original Ones, need to somehow inform Us about it;

11. Translation of Materials (Files, Posts) into other languages. Translation of available Materials (Files) from Russian into other languages is does by those who are interested in it (under their own responsibility). We do not guarantee that the translation is accurate or that the meanings and sense identical;

12. Responsibility of Visitors (Users and/or Participants). Visitors (Usrs and/or Participants ) are independently responsible to Us, to third persons and other persons, to anyone and anything, for their actions-inactions (somehow related to study (explore) with the Materials (Files, Posts), and perception-receiving this or that Information).  Including if such actions-inactions contribute to deaths, injuries, violation of the rights and legitimate interests of third persons (and/or organizations), as well as other persons, citizens, humans, animals, robots, or someone, something else.

12.1 Visitors ( Users and / or Participants) are self responsible for all possible consequences related with study (explore) with the Materials (Files, Posts), as well as with  participation in Games and other Events.

12.2 Visitors (Users and / or Participants) are responsible for damage, in case of causing it to each other (and/or other humans, citizens....), for the loss of some data, or any other possible harm;

13. Third-persons Materials. Among the Content posted on the Internet resources specified in p. 1, in the Materials (Files, Posts) published anywhere (in connection with the implementation of the Process) may contain (or contain) all kinds of names, links to other sites on the Internet (third-persons sites), as well as "others": articles, photos, illustrations, graphics, music, sounds, videos, applications, programs and other Content related to the so-called "third persons" (or someone, something else), and is the result, for example, of intellectual (and other co-creative) activities of these persons (or someone, something else).

13.1 The third persons (or someone, something else) mentioned in the p.13, and the "other" Content related to them, may be not satisfy to requirements imposed by someone (reliability, reasonableness, completeness, validity, truthfulness,  legality, good faith, etc.). Claims that may arise in this related from Visitors (Users and/or Participants), including representatives of various controlling organizations and security services, are made against third persons (or someone else).

13.2 Messages (Materials, Content, Posts) published by Visitors (Users and/or Participants) on the Internet resources specified in p. 1, for example, by writing comments (or otherwise), may be moderated, blocked, or deleted by Us, without explanation. Claims against commenters (and/or content published, for example, through comments) that may arise into Visitors (Users and / or Participants), including representatives of various controlling organizations and security services, are made against commenters (publishers, who have published content in any way).

13.3 Please send messages about the need to remove certain content (including links and descriptions) from the internet resources specified in p. 1 to the following E-mail address: and/or, and/or ...  Or send a private message to the coordinators of the project "New World Crossroads", in social networks ;

14. Mention of organizations, movements, centers. If in the Materials published in connection with the implementation of the Process contain links to other Internet resources, mention some persons, organizations, communities, movements, centers, this does not mean that We agree with everything that someone somewhere reports. We may or may not support something that someone somewhere says, writes, reports, and that someone somewhere does else.

14.1 We do not invite or force anyone to visit any "other" Internet resources, join certain organizations, communities, movements, centers, but only inform about the presence of such (for taking note). At the same time, we can propose to join some events (for example, joint garbage cleaning) organized by someone (as well as be participated in the organization of certain events, etc.);

15. Responsibility of the process participants and settlement of disputes. We, and of Us one who has full name Sidorenko Artem Viktorovich (Svetoslav), can be held liable for any losses, for any indirect, consequential or incidental damages (including lost profits or lost data), harm to the honour, body, dignity or business reputation, and even to certain letality. In those cases where if found that all this related to by exploring (study) the Materials (Files, Posts) by the Visitors (Users and/or Participants) publisheds by Us in connection with the of the Process. And provens that We are guilty of something.

15.1 Under any circumstances, our liability, and in particular the liability of the person who is given the full name Sidorenko A. V. (Svetoslav), in accordance  of the legislation of the Russia (with article 15 of the Civil codex of Russia), in monetary terms is limited to the amount of 600 (six hundred) rubles.

15.2 The commitment to pay the amount specified in p. 15.1 is imposed on Us, only if prove Our has been culpability, related to actions-inactions carried out in connection with the of the Process.

15.3 Visitors (Users and / or Participants), third persons and other persons, and anyone else, are allowed to make claims and accuse Us, in particular the one of us who is given the full name of Sidorenko A.V. (Svetoslav), as well as....  For the making of certain claims, accusations, etc., each claimant (the one who makes claims), the prosecutor, etc., is personally responsible in accordance with Conscience, the legislation of the Russia, the Rules of Kona, the Rules of the Universe.

15.4 In the occasion of any disputes or disagreements related to the implementation of all the of this Agreement, among certain visitors (Users and/or Participants), as well as third persons and other persons (or organizations), that We promise to take all necessary measures to resolve them, for example, through negotiations. In those cases where disputes are not resolved through negotiations, they shall be settled in the procedure established by the current legislation of the Russia, according to the rules of law, or in any other possible way;

16. Financing of The "Stop System" Process. Any of us can consciously participate in the creation and implementation of Projects,  in the organization of events, created and implementeds  in connection with the Process. Including by transferring funds to the accounts, numbers, cards indicated on some Internet resources (listed in p.1) related to the project "New World Crossroads".

16.1 When transferring money (Financial Supports)  to the  accounts, numbers and cards related to the Project "New World Crossroads" Supporters agree that: Support can be used by the coordinators of the project, for example, to pay the organizational expenses, related with the creation and implementation of the project, purchase domains, web hosting and their prolongation; For connection to the Internet and use the services of providers; For payment cellular communication services, of programmers, developers, operators, film editors and other professionals; For the development of computer games; For to production of videos; For to publication and distribution of books; Purchase of tickets for various types of transport and various events; For the purchase of food, office equipment, components and other materials; For the payment of accommodation, utilities, taxes, fines, advertising; For the treatment, recreation, training, etc.

16.2 Also, the Supporters agree that: the coordinators of the project "New World Crossroads", in particular the one of us who is given the full name of Sidorenko A.V. can transfer money from accounts, numbers, cards (to which financial support get), to accounts, numbers, cards registered in the name of other humans, citizens and/or organizations.

16.3 The transfer of money by the Supporters to the accounts, numbers and cards to which financial support is get,  may not mean (and/or does not mean) that The Supporters fully agree with all that is reported (informed) in the Materials (Files, Posts)  published anywhere, at any time, in connection with the realization of the "Stop System" process.

16.4 Transfer of money (Financial Supports) for accounts, numbers, card to which financial support is get,  with the consent of the Supporters, may not mean (or not means) that those who have be given the name: Sidorenko A. V..........., agrees with all actions, performance, messages, talks and discussions of Supporters.

16.5 The refund of money to the Supporters for any reason can only be made: a) if there is such a possibility; b) If the amount transferred by the Supporters is not spent; c) With deduction of possible commission fees for transfers;

17. Co-creation and cooperation. Cooperation and co-creation are welcomes;

18. Issues (not covered by this Agreement) are subject to consideration in accordance with the rules of the Kon, the  rules of the Universe, and, if necessary, in accordance with the legislation of the Russia. If, for any reason, one or more paragraph of this agreement are found to be invalid or unenforceable, this does not affect the validity or applicability of the remaining paragraphs;

19. Entry into force of the Agreement. For Visitors to the Internet Resources specified in p. 1 (and all others who differently study the Materials and/or participate in Events), this Agreement comes into force from the moment of oconsciousness continuation of the  study (explore) by Visitors (Students, Explorers, and/or Participants) Materials (Сontents: Files, Posts... ), and/or participation in Events, after full reading of this Agreement. The same applies to those who study  (explore) copies of Materials on other Internet resources (or anywhere else);

20. Validity and  Agreement termination. The Agreement is valid for an indefinite period. Termination of the Agreement occurs by saying the phrase "I TERMINATE THIS AGREEMENT" after re-reading it in full, and then stopping the conscious study (explore) of any Materials (Files, Posts...) published in connection with the creation and implementation of the project "New World Crossroads" within the "Stop System" Process, as well as stopping the conscious participation in any activities carried out in connection with the creation and implementation of the above-mentioned Project;

21. Nothing in this Agreement can be understood as the establishing of agency relations, partnership relations, personal employment relations, or any other relations not expressly provided for in the Agreement (s) between Visitors (Explorers, Studys and/or Participants) and the coordinators of the "New World Crossroads" project.

21.1 Those of us who are given the full name of Sidorenko A. V ........,  by implementyng the Process, coordinating the Project "New World Crossroads", studying (exploring) the Social System, do research, preparing Materials (Files, Posts...), Playing, etc. can be seen anywhere, among anyone, at all kinds of events, among followers and representatives of various organizations, communities, movements, centers.... , in so-called sacred (holy) places, etc.

21.2 The presence of those of us who openly realizations the Process and coordinate the Project (participating in its creation and implementation), anywhere, in the environment of anyone, does not mean that they (we) support (s) everything that someone informs, says, claims (or who does something else) at certain events, congresses, meetings,  etc. The same applies to correspondence, telephone and other talks, as well as everything else;

22. Changing the Users Agreement. This Users Agreement is an open and publicly available Document. The Agreement may be amend and/or supplemented by Us without special notice to anyone. The new version of the Agreement comes into force from the moment of its publication on the Internet, at the address specified in  p. 22 (unless otherwise provided by the new version of the Agreement). The current version (in English) is available on the page located at Due to the inaccuracy of the translation, the Russian version of the Agreement is a priority.

22.1 In case of disagreement with anything in this Agreement, Visitors to the Internet resources specified in p. 1,  Explorers, Students and/or Users, Participants, are PROHIBITED from further studying (exploring) Materials (Files, Posts...) published (and/or stored anywhere, in any way), and are also prohibited from participating in Events organized in connection with the creation and implementation of the Project "New World Crossroads".

22.2 If We have made any changes/additions to this Agreement with which any of the Visitors (Students, Explorers, Users and/or Participants) do not agree, then the not agrees ARE OBLIGED to stop visiting the Internet resources specified in p. 1, stop studying (exploring) any Materials (Files, Posts..э) published in connections with the creation and implementation of the "New World Crossroads" Project within the  "Stop System" Process, anywhere, at any time. And are also obliged to stop visiting Events, organized in connection with the creation and implementation of the above-mentioned Project. Continuing to visit the Internet resources specified in p. 1, study (explore) Materials (Files, Posts...), participate in Events, means confirming consent to all that is refer to in this Agreement;

23. Surprise guaranteed to everywe!;

24. Those of us who need go on X , go  on X!

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